Version 6.2 released

  • Cloud storages tracking feature added
  • Equipment control feature added
  • Incoming web mail tracking feature added


Version 5.9 released

  • Network sniffer unit has been improved
  • Web mail monitoring algorithms has been improved


Version 5.7 released

  • Web camera video/audio recording in scheduler mode feature added
  • Tracking of surfing in Microsoft Edge has been improved


Version 5.5.3 released

  • Added feature to capture video from the client Web camera
  • Sound recording from microphone feature added
  • Full support of Windows 10
  • Getting data from client via Internet channel feature added


Version 4.8.6 released

  • Undesirable web sites blocking feature added
  • Email monitoring has been improved
  • Web mail and files upload monitoring feature added
  • Social networks tracking feature added


Build 4.3.15 released

  • Improved the mechanism of agent auto-recovery
  • Fixes in the program usage report module
  • Fixes in the program launch blocking function


Version 4.3 released

  • Monitoring of Skype feature added
  • Monitoring of printed documents has been optimized
  • Clipboard monitoring has been optimized


LanAgent certified as Windows 8 compatible


Version 4.2 released

  • Monitoring of printed documents has been improved
  • Improved program usage reports


Version 4.1 released

  • Application use reports have been improved. Time spent in applications is now counted more accurately
  • Non-administrator user accounts are now handled better in Windows 7


Version 4.0 released

  • Blocking devices by class feature added
  • Added a possibility to create lists of allowed devices
  • File system monitoring has been improved


Version 3.9 released

  • Loading data from database has been optimized
  • Some errors in report generating has been eliminated


Version 3.8 released

  • Making screenshots on task switching feature added
  • Blocking of applications on windows 7 has been improved
  • Tracking of surfing in FireFox 4.x, 5.x, 6.x and Google Chrome has been improved
  • Tracking of remote users activity via RDP feature added


Version 3.6 released

  • Making screenshots in a grayscale mode feature added
  • Increasing of screen shots rate for specific applications feature added
  • File system monitoring has been improved
  • Net disk monitoring feature added


Version 3.4 released

  • Making screenshots of a several monitors feature added
  • Improved tracking of MSN messages


Version 3.3 released

  • Tracking of surfing in Google Chrome feature added
  • Improved tracking of ICQ messages


Version 3.2 released

  • Tracking of access to files in share folders is added
  • Tracking of connections to share folders is added


Standard 3.1 released

  • Preview of screenshots feature added
  • Displaying screenshots in slideshow mode feature added


Standard 3.0 released

  • Application launch blocking feature added
  • Making screenshots only in marked programs feature added
  • Refreshed program interface
  • Applications and visited websites sorting by categories feature added


Standard 2.8 released

  • Tracking of MSN messages is added
  • Tracking of Jabber messages from any AIM programs is added
  • Improved support of Internet Explorer 8


Standard 2.7 released

  • Tracking of incoming and outgoing e-mails is added


Standard 2.6 released

  • Shadow copy feature is added
  • Monitoring of printed documents has been improved
  • Optimized network exchange
  • File system monitoring has been improved

Article about LanAgent

LanAgent – a program for monitoring computers on the local area network of an organization

Any person in charge knows for sure that there is no employee in the world who is ready to selflessly carry out his or her direct duties at work forgetting about his or her own interests, hobbies, even most harmless or useful. There have always been, are and will always be sluggards out there. Well, probably candid cameras will do the trick? In each office? Hardly. A good boss is certainly aware of «software agents» that are installed on computers and collect visual information about employees' activities. That's what you can present a sluggard as solid proof of his guilt.

The program LanAgent is really effective for this purpose. It is a serious argument in the eternal confrontation between a stern boss and crafty employees. And it's not even about catching a careless employee red-handed and withholding his bonuses, but about anticipation, foreseeing such activities. Believe it, once caught, our sluggard will hardly start playing solitaire or surfing the net when the boss is not around. Prevention is the best cure. To begin with, LanAgent is completely invisible (even for users who think of themselves as advanced), yet still it monitors all their activities: logs all programs launched on a certain computer, intercepts visited sites, monitors the clipboard and makes screenshots. This data is sent to the administrator's computer and stored in a database unavailable for other users.

LanAgent - Program for monitoring

Main LanAgent 1.8 window

Briefly about how LanAgent works. The program consists of two parts: the client part (agent) and the administrator part. The administrator part is installed on the administrator's computer, while agents are installed on users' computers. Agents monitor all users' activities on each computer and the administrator part collects information over the network (polls agents) for the administrator to be able to view the entire data on his computer and make a report. With the report wizard, you can select the users you want to create a report for, the period to display data for and also the types of logs to include in the report. The report will be created in the HTML format.

The main window of the program is divided into several tabs:

  • Keyboard - here you can see information about keystrokes. Keystrokes are logged by the windows of the programs where they were made. The list of windows is in the table. They are sorted by time. At the bottom of the tab you can see the title of the window, the path to the program, the user who worked with it and, of course, all keystrokes. The program can be configured so that it shows only characters while hiding system keys.

  • Screenshots - hidden agents can regularly make screenshots of the entire screen or of the currently active window at the interval specified in the settings. All screenshots are saved to the database together with the time of creation, its window title and username. Thus, the owner of the computer only has to select the record he is interested in and double-click it to see what was happening on his PC.

  • Programs - this tab is used to view information about who and when launched and closed certain programs. Besides, you can see not only the path to the software used, but also the title of its window.

  • Clipboard - as soon as data appears in the clipboard, information about it is logged in the corresponding table. Here you can see in what window the copy operation was carried out and who did it. If you select a record in the table, you will see the content of the clipboard in the lower part of the tab. You should keep in mind that you can log not the entire content of the clipboard, but part of it. To do it, you can specify the maximum amount of information that should be saved.

  • Files and folders - all changes in the file system will also be logged: creating, deleting and renaming files and folders. You can monitor the entire file system or you can specify the folder to be monitored.

  • Computer - this tab is used to view information about who and when switched the computer on and off.

  • Internet connections - all established Internet connections will be logged together with the time when the connections were broken and it will be displayed on this tab. You will also be able to find out what connections were used to connect to the Internet.

  • Visited sites - hidden agents log all sites the user visits. You will be able to see both the link itself and its title.

  • What can you do with log files besides viewing them? You can search them. To do it, select the record to start searching from and enter the string to be searched for. You can perform a case-sensitive search.

    It is possible to remotely control the settings of agents. The administrator can specify what actions should be logged or at what intervals screenshots should be made without leaving his place. You can remotely start or stop monitoring, send a text message to a user's computer, etc.

    LanAgent 1.2 - управление настройками агентов

    Controlling the settings of hidden agents

    The administrator part of the program can automatically poll users' computers and get information agents collect at certain predefined intervals.

    To sum it up, with LanAgent, you can effectively monitor how efficiently employees use their time at work and watch them in real time. However, it is not a good idea to go too far because the purpose of the program is not to catch as many «perpetrators» as possible, but to prevent such actions.


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    A.N. Fedoseev.
    Director General "West Siberia Marketing Center":

    The program is very comfortable and easy to use. LanAgent allows you to monitor all user activity on a computer, which provides the full picture of the user's workday. The intuitive interface is successfully combined with a wide range of features...

    Maria Evgenyevna Sidorova.
    Information Security Specialist GOU VPO TyumGMA of Roszdrav:

    Nowadays no one has any doubts about the necessity of ensuring the security for information resource in a organization or company. The commonly used approach to this process implies examining the system, auditing the state of information security, developing a new security policy or correcting the existing one. It is convenient if you can do most of these things with one software suite. LanAgent has been working well with 300 workstations, which proves the good scalability of this software. We should particularly mention special features offered by LanAgent, such as ...

    Vladimir Grigorievich Lim.
    PhD in Technical Sciences, Assistant Professor of the Department of Informational Systems and Information Protection of Astrakhan State University:

    LanAgent became one of the key tools for me and for our department. Remote control tools allows you to install monitoring tools on the computer invisibly for the network user and then invisibly monitor the user's activity. We should say that LanAgent is not the only monitoring tool that we tested. The use of these tools ...

    Andrew Germanov.
    Head of Computer Company "Exclusive":

    We were faced with the challenge of making our staff more efficient and productive. Bonuses had an effect that was short-term at most. There was a burst of activity, but it did not last long: only about two months. From the outside it seemed like employees were busy. But the actual results showed otherwise. To improve the situation, we decided to install special computer monitoring software...

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