Version 6.2 released

  • Cloud storages tracking feature added
  • Equipment control feature added
  • Incoming web mail tracking feature added


Version 5.9 released

  • Network sniffer unit has been improved
  • Web mail monitoring algorithms has been improved


Version 5.7 released

  • Web camera video/audio recording in scheduler mode feature added
  • Tracking of surfing in Microsoft Edge has been improved


Version 5.5.3 released

  • Added feature to capture video from the client Web camera
  • Sound recording from microphone feature added
  • Full support of Windows 10
  • Getting data from client via Internet channel feature added


Version 4.8.6 released

  • Undesirable web sites blocking feature added
  • Email monitoring has been improved
  • Web mail and files upload monitoring feature added
  • Social networks tracking feature added


Build 4.3.15 released

  • Improved the mechanism of agent auto-recovery
  • Fixes in the program usage report module
  • Fixes in the program launch blocking function


Version 4.3 released

  • Monitoring of Skype feature added
  • Monitoring of printed documents has been optimized
  • Clipboard monitoring has been optimized


LanAgent certified as Windows 8 compatible


Version 4.2 released

  • Monitoring of printed documents has been improved
  • Improved program usage reports


Version 4.1 released

  • Application use reports have been improved. Time spent in applications is now counted more accurately
  • Non-administrator user accounts are now handled better in Windows 7


Version 4.0 released

  • Blocking devices by class feature added
  • Added a possibility to create lists of allowed devices
  • File system monitoring has been improved

LanAgent Russian website

About LanAgent

LanAgent - hidden observation of users in a network 

LanAgent is a computer monitoring software and computer tracking software. It controls and monitors activity on any computer connected to the local area network of your organization. The program allows you to detect the activities that have nothing to do with work and will show you how efficiently your employees spend their office hours. It is also the internet monitoring software because of having such features as IM tracking, visited web sites recording, E-mail correspondence monitoring. LanAgent works in a stels mode.

LanAgent is data leak prevention system. It is your tool for detecting leaks of important information and also facts of talks with competitors.


LanAgent -  control of computers and the organisation of informational security

LanAgent Enterprise is a employee monitoring software. It is an easily scalable tool for employees' computers monitoring on your local area network.

Having all features available in the standard version, LanAgent Enterprise has a built-in report scheduler, opportunity to use several security expert stations, has a security expert access rights manage tools. It also has security polices violation notification engine (notifications via ICQ and e-mail). The subscription mechanism is flexibly customizable. Access to data is granted only after authentication.

LanAgent will help you solve one of the primary problems in information security - struggle against insiders.

7 Reasons to Choose LanAgent

  • All in one. By buying a single application, you get a full range of powerful features for monitoring user activity and protecting confidential information.
  • LanAgent is time-tested. LanAgent has been successfully used around the world for more than eight years now. The first version was released in 2005 and currently LanAgent enjoys the trust of over 10,000 companies, including banks, factories, and major industrial sites. View testimonials!
  • Easy to deploy. No prior knowledge is necessary for installing and configuring LanAgent. All of the installation and configuration steps are performed remotely and invisibly to the user. You can bulk-install the client to multiple client computers in just minutes. And if you run into any issues, just contact our technical support pros.
  • Improvements are added all the time. IT is constantly changing and so is our software for employee monitoring. We are constantly refining existing features and adding new ones to make sure that the solution you have remains the highest-quality one available.
  • Legally sound. There are legal aspects to computer monitoring too and to make sure that everything is on a solid legal footing, you have to perform a few steps before you install: read this article. We give all of our clients a full set of documents on how to deploy the application and create legally binding pledges for their employees.
  • Minimal up-front and ongoing costs. You do not need to buy extra hardware or software to use LanAgent. Licenses start at $49 per computer. Licenses to all of our products are not time-limited – no subscription terms, no recurring fees. Technical support is free and updates during the first year after purchase are free as well.
  • Scalable and configurable. Based on your needs for monitoring computers, employees, or terminal server users, we will help you to find the perfect solution. So if you don’t see the features that you need, write us and we will find what works for you.

LanAgent is the best solution for

  • Head of company. With LanAgent you can track how efficiently your employees spend their working day. To monitor them in real time, create reports for any period. LanAgent will allow you to increase the efficiency of employees working day usage.
  • Information security specialists. LanAgent has a lot of special features such as external storages plugging and removing detection, controlling texts typed on the keyboard and copied to the clipboard, coping of confidential documentation detecting, recording of users IM chatting, detecting of talking with prohibited contacts via IM or e-mail, competitors websites visiting and etc. These features are very useful for detection of confidential information leaks and talks with competitors.
  • IT specialists. LanAgent will allow you to find out what exactly has been happening in the system. You will always know about all activities carried out on computers on your local area network. Screenshots will allow you to see what is happening on users' monitors.

LanAgent features

LanAgent - Учет рабочего времени 

Computer tracking (PC tracking)


  • Logs all keystrokes (keylogger, keystroke recorder).
  • Screenshot recording (Makes screenshots within the specified time interval).
  • Application monitoring (Application Tracking).
  • Watches clipboard contents (Clipboard monitoring).
  • System Event Monitoring (Time tracking).
  • Software installation and removal monitoring.

LanAgent - мониторинг Интернет и сетевой активности 

Internet tracking, Internet monitoring


  • Track IM chatting (ICQ, MSN and etc) (IM tracking).
  • Records all websites visited (website monitoring).
  • Skype conversations monitoring (text messages, voice conversations, files transferred between users).
  • Email Correspondence Monitoring.
  • Web mail monitoring.

LanAgent - контроль носителей информации 

Devices monitoring, USB devices monitoring


  • External storages plugging and removing detection (Devices monitoring).
  • Makes a shadow copy of files copied on a USB devices by employees.
  • Printed documents tracking (Logs documents send to the printer).
  • Monitoring the file system (Files and folders monitoring).



Aditional and security features


  • Active notification about security policy violations.
  • Extended analytical report system.
  • Centralized data storing (in the database on server).
  • Installing and removing agents remotely.
  • Getting logs from agents to the administrator's computer automatically.
  • Data encryption (Logs are sent in the encrypted form over the network).
  • Stealth Mode Installation and Monitoring (Agents are absolutely invisible on users' computers).
  • Sending text messages to users' computers.

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A.N. Fedoseev.
Director General "West Siberia Marketing Center":

The program is very comfortable and easy to use. LanAgent allows you to monitor all user activity on a computer, which provides the full picture of the user's workday. The intuitive interface is successfully combined with a wide range of features...

Maria Evgenyevna Sidorova.
Information Security Specialist GOU VPO TyumGMA of Roszdrav:

Nowadays no one has any doubts about the necessity of ensuring the security for information resource in a organization or company. The commonly used approach to this process implies examining the system, auditing the state of information security, developing a new security policy or correcting the existing one. It is convenient if you can do most of these things with one software suite. LanAgent has been working well with 300 workstations, which proves the good scalability of this software. We should particularly mention special features offered by LanAgent, such as ...

Vladimir Grigorievich Lim.
PhD in Technical Sciences, Assistant Professor of the Department of Informational Systems and Information Protection of Astrakhan State University:

LanAgent became one of the key tools for me and for our department. Remote control tools allows you to install monitoring tools on the computer invisibly for the network user and then invisibly monitor the user's activity. We should say that LanAgent is not the only monitoring tool that we tested. The use of these tools ...

Andrew Germanov.
Head of Computer Company "Exclusive":

We were faced with the challenge of making our staff more efficient and productive. Bonuses had an effect that was short-term at most. There was a burst of activity, but it did not last long: only about two months. From the outside it seemed like employees were busy. But the actual results showed otherwise. To improve the situation, we decided to install special computer monitoring software...

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